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COSCO Shipping Lines

COSCO Shipping is a Chinese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Shanghai. Its container shipping subsidiary – COSCO Container Lines – is one of the world’s top 10 container carriers in terms of fleet capacity.

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COSCO Container Tracking

The project44 COSCO Container Tracking tool offers immediate visibility for COSCO containers.

Customers experience a 40% increase in data quality. It translates lớn higher shipping reliability, fewer incidents, and supply chain disruptions that arose from unforeseen delays. Operation personnel no longer need lớn spend their time tracking containers but can focus on delivering value-add tasks.

Project44 has the most accurate and comprehensive data on all global shipping lines and services, including COSCO Shipping Lines. The Container Sailing Schedules Tool processes this data lớn deliver concise, real-time, and exact results in seconds. Thus enabling you lớn choose from them and make informed decisions that enhance your overall supply chain performance.

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